About us:

Brandt Law Office P.A. is a General Practice law firm located in Saint Peter Minnesota.  Mr. Brandt established his practice in 1978 and has been a part of the Saint Peter community ever since.  The attorney’s at Brandt Law Office are willing to listen and help advise you on your legal needs.  Please stop in for a consultation!

Phone: (507) 931-6940

Fax: (507) 931-6909

Email: info@brandtlawoffice.com



Research: The Attorney’s at Brandt Law will research issues to give the client a thorough understanding of the law.

Consult: Consulting with clients about the law and issues is an important step in the legal process.

Advocate: Advocating for our clients best interests to ensure their legal rights are protected.

Litigate: The attorney’s at Brandt Law Office have experience litigating cases should it become necessary in resolving your matter.